HeliBar installations at Wing Ding 37 next Weekend!


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Press Release:

CORNISH, ME. (August 18, 2015) — HeliBars®, America’s leader in replacement motorcycle handlebars and riser systems for more than 25 years, is pleased to announce that on-site installation of its patented, adjustable handlebars for Honda Gold Wings and F6Bs will be just $100 during Wing Ding 37 in Huntsville, Alabama, September 3 – 6.

Eurowing USA,  a Factory Certified HeliBars Installer, will be providing half-price labor with the purchase of Heli’s new Horizon Luxury Sport Touring handlebar kits.

These groundbreaking bars pivot wrist angle positions over a 36-degree range, are up to 2-1/2 inches taller than stock, have 7 inches of forward/backward movement and are up to 4 inches closer to riders, striking the perfect balance between greatly enhanced comfort and more nimble handling.

Customized ergonomic tailoring and installations will take place at booths 631-635 and 730-734. Hours are 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 3 through Saturday the 5th, and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Product availability and service time will be limited, so installation appointments are recommended. Eurowing will also special-order Heli products for other bikes that can be mounted at the Wing Ding. To secure a spot, call 786-452-0641 or email Info@Eurowing.com. Ride-ins are welcome, but will be not guaranteed a spot.

First Ride Review: Motus Motorcycle (with HeliBars)

motus photo

In 2012 we had the pleasure of meeting with the gentlemen at Motus Motorcycles and begin working with them on their much anticipated All American Made Motorcycle.  It’s been an exciting journey.  We look forward to seeing (and hearing) many of their motorcycles out on the open road. Check out the link below for the Rider Magazine article on the first ride.

Handlebar movement2

Motus Motorcycle with HeliBars patented multi adjustable handlebars.



If you want to see (or test ride) a Motus MST or MST-R check out this list of demo ride opportunities.

RPM Cycle (Dallas, TX)- June 5 and 6
Cruisin’ 66 (Springfield, MO)- June 12 and 13
Riders Hill (Dahlonega, GA)- June 19 and 20
Rocket Moto (Nashua, NH)- June 26 and 27



FJR Feedback: From the Mailbag


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Dear Mr. & Mrs. ‘Heli-Bars’:

Over a year ago, I visited you at Daytona Bike Week where you installed a set
of Heli-Bars on my 2013 Yamaha FJR.  At that time, you encouraged me to ride
for a year and then let you know how I liked the bars.

When I initially bought the bike, I was aghast to learn that I had acquired a
bike that was somewhat uncomfortable for me to ride due to the pressure on my
arms, wrists and back.  I loved the bike but could only ride it for short
distances and was desperate to find a solution.

I learned about Heli-Bars but was unwilling to risk jeopardizing my new bike
by letting just any mechanic down here in FL perform the installation.  As a
result, I called your company in Maine at which time you told me you travel
to Bike Week to perform installations.  Thus, I came to visit you in Daytona
and two hours later, I had a set of Heli-Bars.

In brief, Heli-Bars were my salvation.  In fact, I just completed a 5,084
mile, three-week trip around the USA (FL to Sturgis to Michigan to FL) which
would not have been possible without them.  I was entirely comfortable
throughout the entire trip due mostly to your Heli-Bars (… and a
comfortable seat!).

They are the best accessory I could have possibly bought.  On my recent trip,
I spent many happy hours riding my bike without a minute of discomfort.  Some
days, I spent anywhere from 6 to 10 hours on the bike.  None of that would
have been possible with Heli-Bars.  In fact, had I not found out about Heli-
Bars, I probably would have sold the bike and started all over again.

In a separate but related matter, I would also like to thank you for being so
friendly and polite to me when I came to visit you in Daytona.  Also, whoever
answers your phone in Maine when I first called, was friendly, patient,
helpful and courteous.  She thoroughly explained everything and answered all
my questions.  In sum, my experience with your company exemplified superb
customer service.

In conclusion, after a year, I love my Heli-Bars and heartily recommend them
to anyone who might be considering a set.  Should you have any  other
questions about my experience or wish to confirm the veracity of this
particular testimonial, you have my permission to e-mail me.  Thank you

With kindest regards, I remain
Gratefully yours,

Robert H., Gainesville, FL

HeliBars Open House/ Customer Appreciation

Welcome to HeliBars

Note from Harry Eddy Founder:

HeliBars was started out of a passion to produce motorcycle handlebars that provide the highest degree of both performance and comfort!  With an obsession to extract the most enjoyment possible while riding, we believe you should finish your ride because you’re satisfied, not because you’re in pain!

Join us for a day of camaraderie, motorcycling, tire kicking and fun.  Meet the folks that believe MADE IN AMERICA stands for something great!

Date:  Saturday, September 20, 2014

Location: 20 Industrial Way, Cornish, ME 04020

Live Band:  Westminster Hillbillies

HeliBars is pleased to host a Customer Appreciation/Open House.  Please join us for food, music and fun.  Factory tours available.  See how our Made in the USA product is produced for your ~ our valuable customers.  Raffles for product/prizes and surprise guests.  Lots of great riding in the Southern Maine area and beautiful scenery.  Come stay a few days and enjoy the area.


Click Here

Area Accomodations:

Midway Lodging website:  mainemidwaylodging

Stone Ridge Lodging & Restaurant website:  stoneridgecornish

Cornish Inn website:  cornishinn

Oak Hill Farm website:  oakhillfarm


Krista’s Restaurant website:  kristasrestaurant

Stone Ridge Lodging & Restaurant website:  stoneridgecornish

Cornish Inn website:  cornishinn.com

Phat Boys Cafe: www.facebook.com/PhatBoysCafe

Cafe  22:  www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-22

Bay Haven:  www.facebook.com/pages/Bay-Haven

Area Shopping


Area Rides

Ride Maine Magazine

Cornish, Maine Website


Customer Feedback from Daytona Bike Week – March 2014


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One of our rituals at the rallies is to ask our customers to come back and see us, and sign our “autograph book”. We invite them to let us know what they like (or don’t like!) about their HeliBars. Here are some of the comments from customers who came back to visit us in March during Daytona Bike Week…

March 7, 2014:  Just got my second set for my 2014 Ultra Limited. First pair was last year on my Road King. These bars are awesome. I can’t imagine owning a bike without them. You guys are great. Tony is awesome 2 times!                  Doug,  IL

March 8, 2014: One year later (we installed ours at Daytona Bike Week 2013) and 15000 miles later…We LOVE them – my wife’s 2004 FLTR and my 2013 FLTRU. What a difference. Handling, comfort, no back pain after a long ride. Thank you for the bars!               Tom & Jodi, FL

March 9, 2014: 6 months later. Didn’t need to ride but 6 mins. to know this was the best thing I had done to a motorcycle in 50 years of riding. Fabulous, awesome, well worth the money. Don’t delay! Get yours now.                                        Paul, GA

March 10, 2014: 2 years and many miles later, we wouldn’t trade these bars for anything. We have two bikes with these, RoadGlide & ElectraGlide Classic. HeliBars improve both handling and rider comfort. Thank you so much for this high quality product. We are also happy to tell anyone who notices our handlebars to get the bars on their bikes. You will never regret your purchase. They are worth every cent!                                                                                                                                              Tom & Vicki, OH

March 11, 2014: This is my third set of bars. I had them on a 2005 Ultra, 2012 Ultra, and today a new 2014 Street Glide. By far the most comfortable bars and riding position for long haul mileage comfort. I have ridden over 100,000 miles with these bars, and by far they are the Best.                                                                                                                                                                             Al & Claire, MA

HeliBars: Standard Equipment on New Motus Motorcycles


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Handlebar movement2HeliBars has been working diligently with Motus Motorcycles since March of 2012 to complete the handlebar portion of the new MST & MST-R motorcycles.  We are so pleased to be the chosen manufacturer for this ground breaking motorcycle.

Check out the press release here:


Group ride2

HeliBars for Re-creation/Recreation: It’s all about the fun!

A recent article in the Powersports Business Magazine (September 9, 2013 edition, online October 4, 2013) had us all talking here in the office.  Why do we make HeliBars?  We say it’s because we want people to ride for the “long haul” and enjoy “comfort without compromise” because people should be able to follow their passion (for motorcycling) without pain.   It’s because we love the feel of the open road.  It’s how we recharge our batteries from working all day.   And because there is no greater joy than traveling this great country from the back of a motorcycle and seeing all the beautiful sites while riding through the wind.  All of this is echoed in the article we read.

The article is by Hal Ethington entitled, For recreation or play, never forget about ‘The Why’

We hope you enjoy it!

Performance Shouldn’t Be Painful: It should be fun!


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For years we have used the above tag line “Peformance Shouldn’t Be Painful” and we really do mean it.  Sport bikes, sport touring bikes, cruisers shouldn’t be painful they should make you want to take to the open road not just for a 10 minute jaunt but a cruise towards the Horizon.  That is why we produce HeliBars, and have been for 26 years.  What we address are the same things that are outlined in the article below.  Enjoy the read:

Handlebars – Body Position

They’re Not Just for Steering!
From the May, 2008 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser
By John Vaughan-Chaldy

Most of us recognize the importance of at least a perfunctory visual check of our machines before we set out for a scoot, but what many riders forget is that it’s just as important to check your body position, too.  Out on a one-lane country road 30 minuted into your ride is not the ideal time to be wondering, “Uh, why are my hands tingling? Why are my shoulders tight?  And damn it, why does my neck ache?”

But that’s often how it goes with riders.  Many of us simply don’t acknowledge the obvious things-such as the body-to-motorcycle relationship-until it’s too late.

In a nutshell, my doc said every part of the body affects the other parts:  Fingers affect the wrist, which affects the elbow, which affects the shoulders and so on.  Just think of those “Dry Bones” lyrics and you’ll get the point:  “With the finger bone connected to the hand bone, the hand bone connected to the arm bone…”

That first line is one all riders should memorize:  A motorcyclist’s main connection points to his bike are his fingers.  And it’s no wonder that when most of us ride, those points are usually being tweaked in some very malevolent ways.  The doctor mentioned the following parts as being especially vulnerable:

Wrists:  They’re often turned to odd angles so the fingers can grip the bar.  This puts pressure on the median nerve in the wrist/forearm (carpal tunnel), causing numbness and fatigue.

Elbows:  These are usually extended up and away from the rider’s torso and rotated out from the bike, which places stress on the ulnar nerve, or “funny bone”

Shoulders:  They’re being constantly flexed and rotated from holding the elbows up, which often exacerbates tendonitis in the rotator cuffs, causing aches and fatigue.  Most riders also reach forward to grip the handlebars, rolling the shoulders.  This adds flex to the trapenzius muscle, placing strain on the base of the neck and between the shoulder blades.

Trapezius and Neck:  Rotating the shoulders means the large group of neck muscles that control spine position flexing.  Constantly working these muscles creates discomfort in the neck and alters the upper spine’s alignment.  This realignment can also affect the lumbar area of the spine, resulting in lower back pain.

It seems if you experience two or more of those symptoms (like tingling and/or aches) then your position of control is incorrect.  The POC is where the contact point of your body meets the control point of your bike, i.e., where your hands grip the handlebar.  So after I broke down all the fancy medical phrases into layman’s terms, I was left with these crucial bits of advice:

  1. My wrists shouldn’t twist and should stay as straight as possible in relation to the forearm.
  2. Elbows should point down as much as possible and hang rather than be held up.
  3. Shoulders need to be relaxed and dropped rather than suspended or flexed when riding.
  4. My reach should be reduced so I don’t roll or lift my shoulders to grab the handlebar.
  5. I should steer with my arms, not my neck, shoulders or back.

The most effective way to correct all my body’s tweaked biomechanics was through the handlebar.


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