New Arrival!!!

We are happy to announce that we have acquired new (for us) equipment which will allow us to expand our product line.
Introducing the SOCO 5-axis CNC Production Tubing Bender with enough tooling to be really creative! We will be introducing vintage style bent handlebars with our own HeliBar ergonomic touch. The first to be introduced will be for the BMW K1600B Bagger…coming soon!

Going to Laconia Bike Week?


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Welcome to HeliBars

Whether you call it Bike Week, Laconia Motorcycle Week or Motorcycle Expo 2017, it happens in a gorgeous area we’re pleased to call home.  If your plans include heading to New Hampshire for some amazing riding, do yourself a favor and check out Cornish, Maine in the foothills of the White Mountains. Cornish is located 50 miles east of Meredith NH (home of Laconia Harley Davidson), and 2 hours north of Boston. And what better excuse for a ride than a visit to our Open House, June 9 through 17th!

We want to show you where HeliBars are made, give you a shop tour, offer raffle prizes and introduce you to the wonders of riding in this beautiful area. We’ll be offering daily specials, free installations of our products (some restrictions apply) and some special surprises! If that’s not enough, we’ll be serving free lunch everyday! Join us for camaraderie, motorcycling, tire kicking and fun.

HeliBars was started out of a passion to produce motorcycle handlebars that provide the highest degree of both performance and comfort.  With an obsession to extract the most enjoyment possible while riding, we believe you should finish your ride because you’re satisfied, not because you’re in pain!

On the LOOKOUT: Need Bikes for R&D!

HeliBars are made to fit your bike perfectly. We do all of the R&D and engineering, so all you have to do is install and enjoy them. We take the time to bring each model in house and thoroughly analyze the bike’s ergonomics. We go to the trouble of making sure our aftermarket handlebars or risers don’t require line changes, that you don’t have interference with your tank or fairing, and that you have full lock to lock steering clearance. Those are just some of the details that have to be addressed. All those details are part of our quality AMERICAN engineering and manufacturing, and we take pride in that quality!  Every week we have multiple requests for new model HeliBars. We do our best to honor these requests, but we need to have these bikes in house for development.

Currently we are on the lookout for the following motorcycles:

  • 2014+ Honda VFR800
  • 2016 Kawasaki ZX10
  • 2015+ Yamaha R1
  • 2015+ Yamaha FJ09

Do you have one?  Do you live in the New England Area?  If you drop it off for a week or two we are happy to provide you with the FIRST production set FREE of charge (and a voucher for a FREE lunch at a local restaurant!)

Give us a call 800-859-4642


NEW: HeliBars for BMW R1200RT Liquid Cooled


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HeliBars® Replacement Handlebar  for the BMW R1200RT Liquid Cooled years 2014 onwards

Our new RT handlebars are the result of a dedicated understanding of ergonomics, increasing rider comfort while improving performance (and always considering safety). This philosophy has been in place for almost 30 years, and contributes significantly to highly refined products developed with crystal clear engineering.  Consider these features, and not cost, when choosing an ergonomic update for your RT:

#1  HeliBars utilizes low carbon steel components that are meticulously machined and welded together to form a single handlebar tube assembly.  Finish is an ultra UV resistant powder coat, matched to the stock silver to give it a seamless appearance

#2  HeliBars added an anti-rotation device that assures the handlebar will not rotate in it’s mount should the mounting bolt loosen.  While proper torquing and the use of blue medium strength Loctite should assure this never happens, we respect Murphy’s law and have included this safety feature so our customers can ride with peace of mind.

#3  Quick, perfect alignment of the handlebars during installation.  Another benefit of our anti-rotation devices is their ability to position and perfectly mirror both left & right handlebars in the correct position.

#4  We’ve included a stock “handlebar extractor” tool as well as blue Loctite, making it a complete and simple installation.

#5 The numbers (compared to stock handlebar position):

  • 1 3/4″ taller
  • 1 1/4″ closer to the rider
  • 1/2 degree increase in downward angle at the end of the bar for a more natural wrist angle
  • Width increased to 30 1/2 inches (from 28.5 inches), this is GS/GSA spec width

This makes the RT feel 100lbs lighter! The additional width DRAMATICALLY improves your low speed handling and control, increasing your long distance comfort!

We think when you try these HeliBars you will agree that they are the best ergonomic solution for your BMW R1200RT!

If that’s not enough detail, here’s more:

  • All original cables and hydraulic lines are retained
  • Durable silver powdercoat finish
  • Exceptional build quality backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • P/N: HB05106
  • Retail Price:  $329.00

HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 10

Number 1

Total Control & Total Control Second Edition by Lee Parks

They say knowledge is power. Of course, it’s only powerful if you apply the knowledge when it’s available.  There is so much more to motorcycling than just “hop on your bike and ride”.  Knowing how to ride you bike high and low speeds, in unexpected conditions, how to adjust to your body dynamics to improve control, and how to ride with a passenger are just a few of the key features discussed in Lee Parks’ books.

Lee is an expert riding instructor (among many other accomplishments). and his Advanced Riding Clinics have been taught to thousands of students.  We’ve taken this class and highly recommend it, but not everyone can attend.  Get the Total Control Books, and you can read about high performance street riding techniques, and then get on your bike and put those lessons to practice.

Stay tuned to HeliBars’ Facebook page for our January contest (details to follow) and the lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of “Total Control – Second Edition”, fresh off the publishers presses!


HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 9

Number 2

Corbin Saddle

Motorcycling isn’t just about the open road or the wind in your face.  Ok maybe it is, but to truly enjoy those things you have to make sure you are comfortable for long miles in the saddle.  You wouldn’t want a numb bum!  We ride with Corbin saddles on all of our bikes because they are the best in the world.  Corbin gets the shape right, uses resilient foam that doesn’t collapse and lets you ride all day.  They are quality built right here in the USA and Corbin stands by it’s products.



HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 8

Number 3

Galfer Wave Rotors and Ceramic Padsgalfer

Quality built products that do what they say they are going to do is what I look for when buying for my bike.  Galfer products are just that, quality built products that take the worry out of braking.  I have been using Galfer’s products for many years because of their superior performance.   Their rotors are generally lighter than stock rotors, recover instantly when riding in the rain and endure heavy use!  If you haven’t tried them – you should.  Their quality product really does perform very well on the road.


galfer 2

HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 7

Number 4

Stop and Go Tire Plug kit with 12v Pump


I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of motorcycling is traveling the out of the way places.  The diversity of riding in the US is so great.  From the Sierra Nevadas to The Badlands, across The Plains and through the White Mountains,  there is so much to see from here to there.  When you do that much traveling you need to be prepared, especially when you are facing miles and miles of open road and no gas stations in sight.  For that reason my saddle bag always has a Stop and Go Tire Plug kit with 12v Pump.


HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 6

Number 5

Powerlet Products Outlets and Cables

When you love technology, you need to find the best way to keep powered up!  We love to use the Powerlet 12v adapter in our products.  We install them directly in specific sport touring HeliBar models.  Lots of people ask why we went with this design.  There are many reasons, but mostly because they are a great product.  We put them in convenient to access locations and you wire them directly to your battery.  Thus, giving you ready availability while out on the road to power up your gadgets.  Powerlet offers some great options for adding to your bike if our product doesn’t come with an installed outlet.  Not only do they have the outlets, they have a multitude of handy gadgets you may want including (but not limited to) USB converters and cables, heated clothing, luggage electrix and more.  Check them out – you will be glad you did!


AAC-007_p_768_webl PSO-001_p_571_webl

HeliBars’ Harry Top 10 Countdown: Must haves for your Motorcycle enjoyment! Day 5

Number 6

Wizards Mist & Shine

We travel a lot with our bikes in all kinds of weather conditions.  Florida’s salty mist and the Midwest’s dry and and beating sun are some of the reasons why it’s essential to have good protection for your chrome and paint.  Wizards has proven to be a great product to protect our bikes’ finishes.  Not only is it a great product, it’s also Made in the USA.  I prefer the Wizards Mist-n-Shine to use on all my bikes’ finishes to keep them gleaming and protected.  It’s also great for a quick clean up when our bikes get those loving touches from all our great customers.

See you on the road!