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Some people take the bars out of the packaging and don’t see a difference.  To the naked eye some HeliBars can appear similar to stock.  That’s a good thing – aesthetically speaking they look like they came with the bike!  We promise there are changes to the bars over stock, some more drastic than others.  Our welded HeliBars for the VFR1200 are dramatically different while the TracStar clip-on for the S1000RR doesn’t have the same “riser” built into the bar.  The rise and pull back comes from any number of areas in the design.

Unlike other companies we take our measurements from the same location each time we create a new design.  Your hand placement.  Really that’s the most important part.  Where are your hands going to be when the HeliBars are installed?

So what we suggest to the customer is this.  Install the right side HeliBar.  Take a tour around your motorcycle and view it from the front.  Now you can see the difference.  Just as you can in the photo above of the S1000RR.  While 1.7″ taller and 0.8″ rearward doesn’t seem like a lot on paper, when you compare the left and right bar it is a world of difference.  And of course the true test – sit on the bike compare how your hand falls on the right handlebar versus the left.  The palm of your hand should be more in line with your wrist, taking out the awkward bend that causes fatigue.

That’s what makes HeliBars – Comfort Without Compromise!

Brought to you by Heli Modified, Inc.:  The Makers of HeliBars