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We were saddened to learn recently that Dana Sawyer, the founder of the Honda V-4 Sport Touring Association passed away last summer. Dana was a great guy who carried out his vision in 1982 to bring together like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts who shared his passion for the new Honda V-4 motorcycles. There are those who credit Dana with coining the term “sport-touring” motorcycles. The V-4 HSTA organization grew to include all sport-touring motorcycle enthusiasts, and it continues today as the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association.

RIP Dana.

Continuing our history…after he bought his 1982 V-45 Sabre, Harry spent lots of time getting together and talking with Dana and other Sabre owners about the attributes and deficiencies of the bike, as motorcyclists are prone to do when they’re not riding. These conversations led him to do some tinkering with the handlebar position to make it more sporty.

This review was from the V-Fourum, Official Newsletter of the         Honda V-4 Sport Touring Association, December, 1983:

“Harry Eddy’s modified low handlebars…Harry’s bars are a tremendous improvement over the stock bars! They do NOT require extreme forward lean. The quality of workmanship is impeccable and the finish first-rate! The bars (about 2 ½” lower than stock) come with stainless steel adjustment adapters. Cost for members is $79.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling ($95 a set plus $5.00 shipping for non-members). Prior to February 1st, members may have their bars modified for $65.00 plus $5.00 shipping. No modifications needed to install; they work particularly well with the Corbin Canyon solo seat (and the double bucket touring seat, for that matter). Make check payable to Heli Modified; the bars will be modified within 48 hours, and returned by U.P.S. Allow one week for delivery time…”

Harry’s handlebar designs weren’t called HeliBars® until 1987, which is why we’re celebrating HeliBars 25th anniversary in 2012.

Prices sure have changed since 1983, but the innovative, customer-driven HeliBar designs that Harry and team continue to put into production has not changed. Our craftsmen and women at HeliBars takes pride in the impeccable quality of the workmanship that we produce in our shop in Maine, and with the guaranteed satisfaction that comes with  every HeliBars product that we ship.


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