Motorcycles are designed to fit into a category – touring, sport, etc. – and the styling (including handlebars) is driven by what’s traditionally acceptable. What’s visually appealing about a certain bike does not necessarily make it comfortable. Our quest to find that elusive  “comfort zone” while riding has been our journey for over 25 years, and it’s why we spent 10+ years developing the patent pending Horizon Product line.  This unique handlebar allows you to find your comfort zone, because it’s multi-adjustable.  It’s what?  I said – it’s multi-adjustable.  The bars adjust in three locations.  Where they mount on the bike (forward & back), where the handlebar tube meets the mounting bar (forward & back which raises and lowers grip angle) and the handlebar tubes themselves (in and out to allow perfect wrist angle placement).  Below is a diagram of the newly released ST1100 multi-adjustable handlebars.

“It took years for this product to become available to the public – it was first introduced in 2007 to the Touring Market with models available for specific Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Since 2008 we have increased the Tourer market and installed on motorcycles such as the Vulcan, Triumph Bonneville America, Yamaha V-Star, and Victory Cross Country.   In the last year we have transitioned the design into the Sport Tourer Market with much success!” says Harry Eddy.

HeliBars also offers Horizon models for the Kawasaki Concours14 (C14), Honda ST1100 and the Honda ST1300.  These products are going to take the industry by storm.  Check them out at!

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