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We meet so many nice people at Bike Week. When we’ve finished an install for a customer we ask them to come back and let us know how they like them.  We have an “autograph” book that’s been signed by lots of happy customers at different rallies over the years.

This week, we installed Horizon Rebel Heli Bars on Stephanie’s Nightster on Friday, March 9, in the rain. She came back a few days later with the following letter…

“3/13/12   While visiting the many vendors at Daytona 2012 Bike Week I happened upon the manufacturers of the Heli Bars. Suffering with many pain issues while riding, I decided to stop and give them a listen. I am a transplant recipient who has undergone several surgeries, one of which was having 24 lbs of kidneys surgically removed from my flank area, along with other pain issues I have to deal with resulting from the kidney disease, so you can only imagine the nerve damage and pain on a daily basis, especially when riding. I love riding my bike but after 15 short minutes the burning sensation in my flank area is so incredible that I can barely stand it, which is what prompted me to give the Heli Bars a trial run. This by the way is awesome that this wonderful company would allow me to try them before making a full commitment. I was a little hesitant about swapping my Sportsters stock handlebars for a set of Heli Bars. I was thinking that they would take away from the old style look of my bike and the fact that my bike is all black with little to no chrome. But sure enough they had black bars which made my bike look even sweeter. The salesman had me convinced that my comfort level would be much better, so I decided to give it a try.

To my amazement the comfort level was so incredible; it was as though I was riding on the back of my bike instead of at the controls. I rode 15 minutes to test out my back pain, none, then 30, than an hour, absolutely none, I was amazed. I found no discomfort with my two rotator cuff injuries & neck discomfort, so I’m thinking this is just too damn good to be true, and I wondered, can different handle bars make all that difference? A Heli Bar representative was asking me if I would be interested in writing a testimonial regarding how I felt about their product, but I couldn’t do it until I was sure about The Long Ride. Also, I had noticed an immediate difference with the feel of my seat since the installation, so I wondered how the Heli Bars would affect old injuries from my fractured hip and broken tailbone. So I went on a day trip, and rode 5 ½ hours. My lower back, hip, tailbone butt hurt so bad that it was everything I had to make it back to the Heli Bar people at the rally. I found that prior to my Heli Bar installation my seat was seated improperly, and after its adjustment my seat was too close to the Heli Bars. A minor adjustment of the bars and it was a perfect fit. The nice Heli Bar Boys instructed me on how to make any future adjustments, if so needed, with a common hex took and a simple tweak that even a girly girl such as me can do. So to answer my own question “yes” Handle – woops – I mean Heli Bars – can make all the difference (o:

So to sum up my experience –

From the moment that I leaned into my first turn it was as if my bike and I had become one, and with every turn thereafter, we had become the road.

The Heli Bar – It’s a beautiful thing!

Peace, Love, God Bless & Safe Riding

Stephanie K., Baltimore, MD”

Thank you Stephanie, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Hope you continue to enjoy riding in the best of Health!