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“Rise”?  “Pullback”?  “Rear Offset Location”?  It’s all Greek to me!  What do you mean it’s only 1 1/2″ taller?  Are you sure that’s going to make a difference?

These are all questions I hear daily.  Case in point.  I received an email this week telling me that our advertising was wrong.  The bars were not 1 5/8″ taller.  So we did a little photography for proof that we were indeed 1 5/8″ taller.

Stock bar for Hayabusa on Bottom, HeliBars for Hayabusa on top.

Here’s the facts:   Our product specs are measured at the end of the bar, where you place your hands.  We take measurements from the stock location to the new HeliBars location.  This tells you exactly where your hands will be and really this is the information people want.

Let’s talk “pull back” and “rear offset location”.   Basically, we move you up and back into your seat more.  So “pull back” or “rear offset location” means moving your hands closer to your torso.

A great resource for finding out how that “minor” 1 1/2″ adjustment is really going to affect your riding position is Cycle-Ergo.com.  There you can pick your motorcycle, your height, inseam and then vehicle customization.  Some people are strictly visual people and this site is a fantastic resource to help give you that visual.

The bottom line.  Our products work.  We have been producing HeliBars for 25 years and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  What’s our return rate you ask?  Less than 2%.  Almost unheard of.  People just love our bars!