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Dear Mr. & Mrs. ‘Heli-Bars’:

Over a year ago, I visited you at Daytona Bike Week where you installed a set
of Heli-Bars on my 2013 Yamaha FJR.  At that time, you encouraged me to ride
for a year and then let you know how I liked the bars.

When I initially bought the bike, I was aghast to learn that I had acquired a
bike that was somewhat uncomfortable for me to ride due to the pressure on my
arms, wrists and back.  I loved the bike but could only ride it for short
distances and was desperate to find a solution.

I learned about Heli-Bars but was unwilling to risk jeopardizing my new bike
by letting just any mechanic down here in FL perform the installation.  As a
result, I called your company in Maine at which time you told me you travel
to Bike Week to perform installations.  Thus, I came to visit you in Daytona
and two hours later, I had a set of Heli-Bars.

In brief, Heli-Bars were my salvation.  In fact, I just completed a 5,084
mile, three-week trip around the USA (FL to Sturgis to Michigan to FL) which
would not have been possible without them.  I was entirely comfortable
throughout the entire trip due mostly to your Heli-Bars (… and a
comfortable seat!).

They are the best accessory I could have possibly bought.  On my recent trip,
I spent many happy hours riding my bike without a minute of discomfort.  Some
days, I spent anywhere from 6 to 10 hours on the bike.  None of that would
have been possible with Heli-Bars.  In fact, had I not found out about Heli-
Bars, I probably would have sold the bike and started all over again.

In a separate but related matter, I would also like to thank you for being so
friendly and polite to me when I came to visit you in Daytona.  Also, whoever
answers your phone in Maine when I first called, was friendly, patient,
helpful and courteous.  She thoroughly explained everything and answered all
my questions.  In sum, my experience with your company exemplified superb
customer service.

In conclusion, after a year, I love my Heli-Bars and heartily recommend them
to anyone who might be considering a set.  Should you have any  other
questions about my experience or wish to confirm the veracity of this
particular testimonial, you have my permission to e-mail me.  Thank you

With kindest regards, I remain
Gratefully yours,

Robert H., Gainesville, FL