About HeliBars

Originally established as a specialty welding shop in the greater Boston area by owner Harry Eddy in 1978, Heli Modified’s name is derived from the art of heli-arc welding. While catering to a more traditional industry throughout the 1980s, Harry devoted his spare time to creating custom ergonomic applications for his passion; motorcycles. Harry developed the HeliBars prototype in 1987 to add more riding comfort to his own sport bike.

Being taller and more rearset, the design, placed the rider’s neck, shoulders and lower back into a much more relaxed, more vertical riding position. By removing much of the weight from the hands and wrists, the prototype improved long distance riding comfort and enhanced the excitement of sport riding. The design soon gained popularity among friends and HeliBars (handlebars and adaptors) were born.

Over the next few years the demand for this new product increased tremendously. In 1992, Harry and Cindy moved Heli Modified to beautiful southwestern Maine to enjoy the rural lifestyle of Cornish, ME and set up shop in their barn. With Harry as President, Heli Modified, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and its first employee was hired in 1994. Over the next five years sales of HeliBars handlebars and adaptors grew by leaps and bounds. Having outgrown the barn Heli moved to an 8,000 square foot building in 1999.

Today, HeliBars handlebars and adaptors are produced in a state of the art CNC machine-equipped facility, and shipped to happy motorcylists worldwide.

2 thoughts on “About HeliBars”

  1. jim dodd said:

    how to adjust position of bars

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