On the lookout for: More Motorcycles!


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We are always looking for new motorcycles for R&D.  Don’t see your bike?  Live in the New England Area?  Call us 800-859-4642 or email us quality@HeliBars.com

If we use your bike you get the first production set for FREE.  Sweet deal right!?!  Also, if it’s Winter (like it is now) we will keep your baby safe and secure during those cold Winter months, keep the battery charged, stabilizer in the tank and ready to go when it’s time to pick it up.

Currently on the lookout for:

  • 2012 Kawasaki ZX14
  • 2012 BMW 1600 GTL/GT
  • 2012 Suzuki GSXR600 or 2012 GSXR750
  • 2012 Kawasaki Z1000

Yamaha FJR1300: Why a Replacement Triple Clamp?


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A common question we receive on the 2006-2012 Yamaha FJR1300 is why did you design a replacement triple clamp.  It’s usually followed with “You did a riser for the earlier version, why not just keep it the same.”

Here is the detailed information from our engineer:
1st:  The stock triple clamp on the 2006-2012 has a horizontal mount for the handlebars.  So any riser that would be added onto the triple clamp would only make the handlebars taller, not closer to the rider.  (And really that’s what people want is the bars closer to them so they aren’t stretched over the tank.)  Also the handlebar mounting hardware complicates any riser design.

2nd:  The stock clamp is very wide front to back and this uses up cable and hydrualic line slack very quickly when the controls are raised and moved back.

3rd:  The stock triple clamp is rather thin sectioned and uses a single fork tube pinch bolt per side.  This is one of the reasons FJR’s have a buzz at cruise speed.

All three of these issues are addressed in the redesigned triple clamp (HRT076-2 or HRT076ES-2).

  • 1/2″ taller than stock
  • 1 1/4″ to 1 3/4 ” rearward (towards rider) with the option of 2 handlebar mounting locations.
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Improved wrist angles

If you want additional height, you can also add our Optional Accessory Risers which increase the height to 1 1/4″ taller than stock.  (HRTR01 only fits with the Heli Triple Clamp)

Safe Riding!

The New and Improved Website


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Welcome to the new HeliBars website!

Our goal was simple:
Make it all about You (our Customers) and make it FUN!

Some of the new features:

1. Product Finder – for a faster, more enjoyable shopping experience.

2. New Galleries with more Videos and Photos and lots more into.

3. Your Local Dealer Locator – so you know who sells HeliBars in your area   —and more!

We hope you enjoy our new website experience!

The first 25 customers who go to our new site and send us an email with “HAT” in the subject will get a free Heli hat! Be sure to leave us your mailing address…

Find out about exciting new HeliBar products by signing up for our newsletter today. We promise not to send you endless emails, unless you want us to!

HeliBars: What’s the Difference?


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“Rise”?  “Pullback”?  “Rear Offset Location”?  It’s all Greek to me!  What do you mean it’s only 1 1/2″ taller?  Are you sure that’s going to make a difference?

These are all questions I hear daily.  Case in point.  I received an email this week telling me that our advertising was wrong.  The bars were not 1 5/8″ taller.  So we did a little photography for proof that we were indeed 1 5/8″ taller.

Stock bar for Hayabusa on Bottom, HeliBars for Hayabusa on top.

Here’s the facts:   Our product specs are measured at the end of the bar, where you place your hands.  We take measurements from the stock location to the new HeliBars location.  This tells you exactly where your hands will be and really this is the information people want.

Let’s talk “pull back” and “rear offset location”.   Basically, we move you up and back into your seat more.  So “pull back” or “rear offset location” means moving your hands closer to your torso.

A great resource for finding out how that “minor” 1 1/2″ adjustment is really going to affect your riding position is Cycle-Ergo.com.  There you can pick your motorcycle, your height, inseam and then vehicle customization.  Some people are strictly visual people and this site is a fantastic resource to help give you that visual.

The bottom line.  Our products work.  We have been producing HeliBars for 25 years and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  What’s our return rate you ask?  Less than 2%.  Almost unheard of.  People just love our bars!

HeliBars C14 Multi Adjustable Review: Arizona Highway Patrol Police Motorcycles


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Working at HeliBars can be extremely rewarding.  Helping those that have a passion for motorcycling stay in their seats longer, either for the day or through the years, is so much fun.  We love to see people smiling!  Below is the motorcycle review we received from Officer Pruet of the Arizona Highway Patrol.

My name is Officer Jake Pruet.  I am a motor officer with the Arizona Highway Patrol and a motorcycle instructor.  Our department recently purchased the new Kawasaki Concours 14 police model from Beaudry Motor sports in Idaho.  We really enjoyed the motorcycle; however, the sitting position was somewhat uncomfortable for a police officer using the motorcycle for 10 hours a day.  We were forced to lean forward on the bike with our arms locked out and all of our weight was on our wrists and lower back.  This created a problem with not only rider comfort, but officer safety as well.  I conducted research on the internet and I received information from Steve Beaudry, founder and owner of Beaudry Motor sports, where our motorcycles are built, about an adjustable handle bar system from Helibars.  I completed my own research of the product and determined that, while the cost was more than higher bar risers, the benefit would greatly outweigh that cost.  I completed my research and forwarded it to my department which ultimately purchased a set for each of the 10 motorcycles we currently have in the fleet.  Steve Beaudry worked with Helibars to modify the current set up that extended the brake lines, to a system that completely replaced the stock brake lines and the factory junction with longer lines.

Initial impressions:

I could immediately tell that the motorcycle handled very differently and that it was almost effortless to turn during slow maneuvers.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the sitting position perfect for our line of work.  My back was completely straight and my arms were bent at the elbow and my shoulders and wrists were relaxed.  This was now my new favorite police motorcycle.

Field Testing:

I completed several rigorous tests in the field and in training.  I tested the handlebars in slow, tight maneuvers and was able to complete a 16’ u-turn with almost no effort.  The motorcycle now makes quick left to right and right to left transitions with almost no weight felt at the steering head.  At freeway speeds, the Helibars set actually makes the ride even smoother and at high speeds, is completely 100 % stable and firm.  I tested the Helibars set under extreme braking and felt no movement.

 Research and Development:

After testing the setup, I had some minor concerns about how my department, as well as other police departments, were going to mount their police radios.  Our current design had the radio mount bolted to the bottom bolts of the top clamp.  These bolts need to be torque to a specific torque setting and we were concerned about radio technicians or others needing to remove the mount and not properly torque the bolts.  I contacted the owner of Helibars, Harry Eddy, and informed him of my issue and offered a simple solution to machine two threaded holes directly next to the current bolt holes.  Harry’s designer quickly made a prototype drawing and sent it to me for approval.  I was amazed to discover how exact the design was to what I needed.  Harry immediately made a working prototype and shipped it out for test fitting.  The new top clamp design was a perfect fit and after tweaking it slightly , Harry made 10 clamps and immediately shipped them to us to swap out.


I have shown the Helibars setup to numerous other motor officers in the Phoenix area that are either riding the new Kawasaki or are purchasing them soon.  The look on the officers faces are a complete smile from ear to ear.  They are amazed, just like I was, on how drastically different the seating position is.   I believe that with these new Helibars, the new Kawasaki C14P motorcycle is in the running to become the best police motorcycle on the market and the Helibars system is a must for anyone who rides a Concours, either civilian or police.

Beyond Helibars


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Recently a friend of the HeliBars family approached us about machining some custom parts for a school project.  Now, this was not your typical baking soda and vinegar volcano or soda bottle rocket.  Our friend Russ is an engineering student at Villanova University.  His project: a race car to compete in the Formula SAE Collegiate Design Series.  Russ and his teammates designed and built a whole new car from scratch for this years competition, and they did well.  See the car and team on their Facebook page: Villanova FSAE Facebook.

For those that are not familiar with this competition here is a little background from the FSAE website:

The concept behind Formula SAE is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item. The target marketing group for the race car is the non-professional weekend autocross racer. Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules whose purpose is both to ensure onsite event operations and promote clever problem solving.

Formula SAE promotes careers and excellence in engineering as it encompasses all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management and finances. Formula SAE takes students out of the classroom and allows them to apply textbook theories to real work experiences.

The teams are judged on a design and cost report as well as performance in acceleration, autocross, skidpad and endurance categories.  As students with little to no real world experience it can be difficult to generate a winning design on a tight budget.  This team received a top 30 finish out of 123, with a budget about 3% (that’s three percent) of that of the top level teams, not bad at all.

To the VIllanova team: Congratulations on a great year and good luck in your future endeavors!

Villanova University FSAE Team

Oh, and almost forgot our contribution to the car.  Front and rear suspension uprights, the part that connects the wheels to the suspension. Here are some pics:

Rear Upright

Rear Upright on car

Rear uprights on car

– Helibars Engineering

Heli Bars – it’s a beautiful thing!


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We meet so many nice people at Bike Week. When we’ve finished an install for a customer we ask them to come back and let us know how they like them.  We have an “autograph” book that’s been signed by lots of happy customers at different rallies over the years.

This week, we installed Horizon Rebel Heli Bars on Stephanie’s Nightster on Friday, March 9, in the rain. She came back a few days later with the following letter…

“3/13/12   While visiting the many vendors at Daytona 2012 Bike Week I happened upon the manufacturers of the Heli Bars. Suffering with many pain issues while riding, I decided to stop and give them a listen. I am a transplant recipient who has undergone several surgeries, one of which was having 24 lbs of kidneys surgically removed from my flank area, along with other pain issues I have to deal with resulting from the kidney disease, so you can only imagine the nerve damage and pain on a daily basis, especially when riding. I love riding my bike but after 15 short minutes the burning sensation in my flank area is so incredible that I can barely stand it, which is what prompted me to give the Heli Bars a trial run. This by the way is awesome that this wonderful company would allow me to try them before making a full commitment. I was a little hesitant about swapping my Sportsters stock handlebars for a set of Heli Bars. I was thinking that they would take away from the old style look of my bike and the fact that my bike is all black with little to no chrome. But sure enough they had black bars which made my bike look even sweeter. The salesman had me convinced that my comfort level would be much better, so I decided to give it a try.

To my amazement the comfort level was so incredible; it was as though I was riding on the back of my bike instead of at the controls. I rode 15 minutes to test out my back pain, none, then 30, than an hour, absolutely none, I was amazed. I found no discomfort with my two rotator cuff injuries & neck discomfort, so I’m thinking this is just too damn good to be true, and I wondered, can different handle bars make all that difference? A Heli Bar representative was asking me if I would be interested in writing a testimonial regarding how I felt about their product, but I couldn’t do it until I was sure about The Long Ride. Also, I had noticed an immediate difference with the feel of my seat since the installation, so I wondered how the Heli Bars would affect old injuries from my fractured hip and broken tailbone. So I went on a day trip, and rode 5 ½ hours. My lower back, hip, tailbone butt hurt so bad that it was everything I had to make it back to the Heli Bar people at the rally. I found that prior to my Heli Bar installation my seat was seated improperly, and after its adjustment my seat was too close to the Heli Bars. A minor adjustment of the bars and it was a perfect fit. The nice Heli Bar Boys instructed me on how to make any future adjustments, if so needed, with a common hex took and a simple tweak that even a girly girl such as me can do. So to answer my own question “yes” Handle – woops – I mean Heli Bars – can make all the difference (o:

So to sum up my experience –

From the moment that I leaned into my first turn it was as if my bike and I had become one, and with every turn thereafter, we had become the road.

The Heli Bar – It’s a beautiful thing!

Peace, Love, God Bless & Safe Riding

Stephanie K., Baltimore, MD”

Thank you Stephanie, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Hope you continue to enjoy riding in the best of Health!

Helibars Helps Make the Most Comfortable Walker in the World


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On November 8, 2011 we received a phone call from a customer looking to buy parts of our Horizon Sport Touring multi-adjustable handlebars for the Kawasaki C14 so he could fabricate a set of handlebars for his walker.  I didn’t answer the phone, but once I heard the question I had to talk to this gentleman.  Turns out, he was an avid motorcyclist and even a previous Helibars customer.  Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it eventually progressed to the point he could not ride a motorcycle anymore.  Despite this fact he was not going to give up and started to concentrate on his other passion, photography.  Nature is the primary focus of his photography and, being confined to a walker, getting the best shots was difficult at best.  So, instead of giving in to the limitations of his walker he decided to make the walker fit his needs.  After making many modifications he found the handlebars just were not as comfortable as he would like.

I am looking for a what I call a natural angle of my wrists. So looking from the top the wrists would angle out from the centre line and with a slight drop instead of the straight back it has now.

Stock Handlebar

The old handlebars provided only height adjustment and offered little comfort

Looking for alternatives he found the market for walker handlebars to be non-existant, so he turned to the motorcycle market.  From his days as a motorcycle rider he remembered Helibars as the most comfortable handlebars in the world.  Surly Helibars would have something that met his need.  That’s when he saw our Horizon multi-adjustable handlebars for the C14 on the front page of the website and decided to call.

After hearing the whole story I decided the best thing to do was not to sell him a selection of parts, but make a complete set of custom handlebars designed for his walker.  The design borrowed elements from our Horizon ST multi-adjustable handlebars for the Honda ST1100 and also included a new tool-less adjustment.  The Horizon ST multi-adjustable handlebars were a great basis for this project.  The design was already set up for 7/8 handlebars and had roughly the right range of motion.  The most import aspect of this design is safety.  The Horizon design incorporates hard stops to limit rotation if a pinch bolt loosens or falls out.  In such an event the pivots can not come apart and will only rotate as far as the stops allow.  The safety of the design makes it the perfect choice for this application.

Using SolidEdge 3D CAD software I created the model you see below.  Pictures of the design were sent to the customer for appoval.

CAD models allow engineers and customers to "see" the product before cutting metal.

He loved the new design, so I started on building the real thing.  Final prototypes were machined from billet aluminum, just like the current Horizon motorcycle handlebars.

Adjustable Walker Handlebars

Using the latest CAD and CAM software we can produce fully functional prototypes very quickly.

We were able to ship the new multi-adjustable walker handlebars just before Christmas and got his response shortly after install:

I received the bars today. I don’t want to blow too much smoke up your kilt but what a difference they make. I have them on and they really make it easier on the hands and wrists, just as I had hoped.

Adjustable Walker Handlebars

The most comfortable walker handlebars in the world!

Success!  We just created the most comfortable walker in the world!

-Helibars Engineering

The Quest for Supreme Motorcycle Comfort: It’s on the Horizon with HeliBars!

Motorcycles are designed to fit into a category – touring, sport, etc. – and the styling (including handlebars) is driven by what’s traditionally acceptable. What’s visually appealing about a certain bike does not necessarily make it comfortable. Our quest to find that elusive  “comfort zone” while riding has been our journey for over 25 years, and it’s why we spent 10+ years developing the patent pending Horizon Product line.  This unique handlebar allows you to find your comfort zone, because it’s multi-adjustable.  It’s what?  I said – it’s multi-adjustable.  The bars adjust in three locations.  Where they mount on the bike (forward & back), where the handlebar tube meets the mounting bar (forward & back which raises and lowers grip angle) and the handlebar tubes themselves (in and out to allow perfect wrist angle placement).  Below is a diagram of the newly released ST1100 multi-adjustable handlebars.

“It took years for this product to become available to the public – it was first introduced in 2007 to the Touring Market with models available for specific Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Since 2008 we have increased the Tourer market and installed on motorcycles such as the Vulcan, Triumph Bonneville America, Yamaha V-Star, and Victory Cross Country.   In the last year we have transitioned the design into the Sport Tourer Market with much success!” says Harry Eddy.

HeliBars also offers Horizon models for the Kawasaki Concours14 (C14), Honda ST1100 and the Honda ST1300.  These products are going to take the industry by storm.  Check them out at www.HeliBars.com!

Brought to you by Heli Modified Inc.: The Makers of HeliBars!