3 thoughts on “Retail Prices Sheets & Product Specifications”

  1. Hi there. I’ve fitted Helibars to my K1300S BMW. Since installation. I’ve noticed that the heated grips don’t get as hot as they used’t to. They just get warm. It’s as though the heat is sinking into the bars. Have you come across this at all? The comfort is great. Just what a wanted. Any idea what I can do or use to push the heat back out onto the grips. Maybe a thin repellent foil. Look forwards to your reply. Thanks Ron.

    • Interesting
      The stock bar is steel, ours are aluminum.
      The steel would absorb heat slower from the grip, the aluminum a bit faster.
      I believe once our bars absorb a bit of the grips heat, it should start reflecting more heat to the rider.
      I have not been contacted about this issue before but it makes sense. I bet the right grip gets warmer due to the throttle sleeves insulating properties.
      An insulating membrane would work but it would have to be ultra thin.


  2. Ronnie Severin said:

    To Harry
    Thanks for your reply to my email about the hot grips issue. I wonder if you can recommend a thin membrane that I could use which would be thin enough and would reflect the heat.


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